Janus Installation Instructions

Please note that this software is at a very early stage, and knowledge of Laravel and IPFS will be needed to run it due to bugs. For this reason, only sketch notes have been provided.

For anyone who completely knows what they’re doing, Janus is a Laravel project hosted in GitLab. If you know how to install it, don’t bother reading any more.


  • Install IPFS by following the instructions on their official website.
  • Install XAMPP – this provides you with an up to date version of Apache, PHP and mySQL. I strongly recommend using the most up to date version available.
  • Install composer – you have to do this after you successfully install XAMPP.
  • Install TortoiseGIT.

Once all these programs are installed, you need to launch XAMPP, and edit the httpd.conf file. Change the DocumentRoot and Directory (about halfway through the file) to be “C:/xampp/htdocs/janus/public”.

Then start both the Apache and mySQL services.

Open “C:\xampp\htdocs” in Windows Explorer and right-click anywhere in what will almost certainly be a blank folder. If you’ve installed TortoiseGIT, you should see an option called “Git Clone”. Select this, and enter “” as the URL in the first textbox. Leave all other options as they are.

Then, once the download has been completed successfully, you should see a folder called “janus”. Enter this folder, then hold SHIFT and RIGHT-CLICK anywhere. You should see an option “Open command window here”. Do this.

Into that command window, enter the following commands:

composer install
copy .env.example .env
php artisan key:generate
php artisan storage:link
php artisan migrate --seed

Now you should have the program set up. Visit http://localhost in your browser to access it.


Instructions to follow.