Janus – An IPFS Self-Hosted GUI

Janus – IPFS GUI

Janus (see the source on GitLab) is a PHP/Laravel application written to create a self-hosted GUI for IPFS. It is intended to rely on a number of CSV files (which initially will be included in the source but later hosted as IPFS files themselves) to provide downloads.

What is the state of the project?

It is in a very early stage, and only recommended for people with reasonable experience in both IPFS and Laravel. As all PHP/Laravel applications are platform agnostic, it can be installed on both Linux and Windows.

Please see the Janus Installation Instuctions page for information on how to install it.

How does it work?

In a very basic summary, Janus has some CSV files inside its ./storage/csv directory. You can put more files in here, split files up or combine them – it makes no difference.

The CSV file should have three columns and no headers:

  • A human-readable name for the file.
  • The full path to the file, which will be created by Laravel in the ./storage/app/public/ipfs/ folder if it doesn’t exist already.
  • The IPFS hash of the file, or IPFS path (if it’s contained inside a folder).

An example is contained within the source code already.